About Local 460

Our mission is to represent workers in the plumbing and pipefitting industry and improve the quality of life for members by providing the training necessary to improve and enhance the skills and abilities of our workers in order to obtain and sustain gainful employment with a livable wage, pension and health care.

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Recruiting - Travel Work

Please contact Javier Flores at 661-589-4600 for current information:



1. Oakland Local 342 will be seeking Journeyman Welders, Pipefitters, and Riggers with RSO cards.


Must Have RSO card for all Refinery jobs and TWIC for jobs in the Port.


Steps needed to be considered.


a. We  need a picture of your RSO card.

b. You will need to complete a Local 342 travel document.

c. Dues must be paid through current month.  If after third Monday, you will need to be paid through next month as well.


2.  Local 290 Portland Oregon needs Pipefitters. Must take 2 hour course online prior to out of work listing.


3. Local  798 Link for Travel  Card Submittal. https://www.local798.org/apply/